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The American Veterinary Medical Association, Veterinary Medical Society of Animal Behavior, and several other nation organizations advise dog owners to begin training as soon as their puppy comes home.

Studies have shown that a what puppies experiences in the first three months of life strongly influences what kind of companion they will grow to be and how they will react to the world. How they react to children, hats, strangers, other dogs, loud noises, and even the vacuum will be learned during this time.

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Failure to properly expose young puppies to certain situations or types of people during this brief early period ( 4 to 14 weeks ) can result in the puppies being forever fearful of them as an adult. Early socialization—or the lack of it—is a vital determinant of a dog’s lifelong behaviors. Without proper socialization, it is unlikely that a pup will become the adult dog he could have been, whether as a competitor in canine sports or as a happy, well-adjusted pet. This means starting training as soon as your pup gets home and NOT waiting until 4 months and their shots are finished is CRUCIAL to your pups success. “Puppy Play School” and ” Puppy Kindergarten” classes are not training class. They focus only on free play with other random puppies and cause fear, arousal, and aggression problems in many dog when they hit adolescents. Get your puppy started right! 
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Puppy Package

This package include an extra discount to reward owners for starting early. Ideally puppies should start training as soon as they come home. Included in this package is 6 private sessions and puppy play dates. Cost $600. Click here to sign up online.

Learn motivational methods to teach your puppy to: down, sit, stay, go to bed, walk loosely on a leash, play properly with toys and other dogs, greet people and dogs correctly.

Each week will include work on environmental stability: vacuums, hair dryers, rolling trash cans, wheel chairs,bikes skateboards, etc Your puppy will learn all the skills he needs to be great at the vet’s office and groomer. Building confidence around things like: flapping fabric, honking horns, gun fire, and thunder will set your pup up for anything life can throw at him.



Want to know exactly what I would recommend before jumping into training? Meet with me for 45 mins in your home to learn about my training system. I will meet you and your dog and be able to better gage how everything will apply to your situation and what approach we will use. Consultation are not require and most student start with the training package. The cost of a consolation is $95 and if you decided to move forward with training we will start right away and the $150 will be credited toward your package. Click here to sign up online for a single in home session.


Puppy Camp

is available on a limited basis. It is a great option for people that have a puppy but find themselves in a situation where they can not train and socialize their puppy every day. Puppies come in for about 4 weeks of training to kick start crate training, house training, and socialization. We start you puppy on sit, down, stay, bed, lose leash walking, appropriate greeting for people and dogs. Dogs come back in for training around 8-10 months to finish their off leash training. They normally stay fo about 7-10 days at that time. Total cost for all training and equipment is $1800. Get your spot here

Frequently Asked Questions

My vet says I can't take my puppy out of the house until 4 months old when he is done with his shots. Is this going to be a problem?
Yes! This is a big problem. Your vet is giving out outdated information. More dogs die every day from behavior problems due to lack of early socialization than from parvo or distemper. Once your puppy had his first vaccination it is time to get started. I will help you make good choice and have you take your puppy to the safest places we can.
What do we do each week?
The first session will induce an evaluation and introduction to my training system.Then you will get a rough timeline for training. Each puppy will get appropriate play with hand picked dogs or puppies, environmental training for confidence, obedience foundation work, handling, and proper greeting skills.
I am not ready to commit to a full training package. How can I learn more about your program and how it will apply to my dog?
You can book a Consultation to get to know me better and learn more about my training program. Click here to sign up.
How often will we meet for training?
Book your sessions weekly. Puppies develop quickly so want to get as much training in as we can.
What if I need to reschedule?
I am very flexible with scheduling. Just send me an email telling me you need to change your appointment and what day and time you want to come instead.