NoseWork is the fastest growing sport in the dog wold. The goal of NoseWork to have your dog find target odors ( essential oils ) and alert you to their location. No other activity uses your dog’s brain like NoseWork. They get a great mental workout and you don’t have to run around at all! Whether or not competition is your goal this class will give your pet the working outlet he needs. All ages and breeds welcome. Classes run for 1.5 hour each week for 6 weeks. There is a maximum of 6 dogs in each class to insure personal attention.

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NoseWork 1 : Focused Response

We will spend a lot of time in this class getting the dogs excited and confident in the training area and with our training equipment. They will also be learning the “game” of NoseWork. We start by having the dogs hunt for their favorite reward. We make it very easy at first to build confidence and keep the dogs working happily. We increase the difficultly and at some point pair a target odor (Birch) with the reward the dog is hunting for. Like all of our classes the dog set the pace and we move forward in training as each dog is ready. Many dogs are working just odor and offering a focused final response by the end of week 6. All dogs improve each week and their confidence grows in leaps and bounds! Cost $145.00. Register here


NoseWork 2: Intro to Elements

Now that the dogs are confident in the training environment, excited to work, and have started learn the Focused Final Response we can move forward with training. Again the class moves forward for each dog individually. As the teams are ready we will introduce additional odors. Owner will begin to reward their own dogs and practice at home. This class is set up to prepare the teams for the Pre Trial test. This is the first level of competition. Your dog will search 12 boxes were one contains the target odor.  Cost $145.00. Register here


NoseWork 3: Out and About

When the teams are ready we will move out and work in new locations. We will meet at a different location each week for class. In this class we will add interior building and vehicles searches. Each week we will focus on one Element so read the description for each class. Distractions will be added as the dog are ready. These are a drop in style class that is first come first serve. Cost is $30 for the first dog and $25 for each additional dog. Register here.


Trial Prep

In these classes you will learn everything you need to know about moving from Fun NoseWork to attending trials. Classes start at level 1-2 and then move to level 3 – Elite. Get a written critic each week and video tapped runs when we can. This class is 4 weeks long and each week will focus on a single element and its challenges. Register Here

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