Training Camp

is available on a very limited basis. I only take in a couple dogs at a time. DOGS LIVE IN MY HOME as one of my dogs, not a stressful kennel with many other dogs. This allows me to be able to work on house manners in addition to behaviors. Daily trips out of the house allows for work on distractions, engagement, and proper social skills.Every day includes several training sessions and playtime with other dogs. Additional mental stimulation includes marrow bone, stuffed kongs, and pickle toys!

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Hybrid Camp

This camp / private training Hybrid combines the best of both programs at the lowest price I can offer. You will start with 4 private training sessions. This allows you to bond with your dog trough training and gain a full understanding of the training methods. Next your dog will come in for 7-10 days of In Board Training. While staying with me for training the dogs will move to the off leash stage of training. We focus quite a bit on recall, boundary training, and loose leash walking. Since I am able to training your dog many times a day around many situations including other dogs and people the dog learn quickly and it is very effective. In Board Training is followed up with 1 more private training session to transfer all the training over to the owner. Owners who pick this option should have time for homework during the private stages of training. This package may be spread out over time as the dog goes though the phase of learning. This means that puppies may sign up for this package as well. Cost $1050. Click here to sign up online. This options comes with:

•an educator plus collar ( $220.00 value )

•a total of 5 private sessions

•7-10 days of in board training


Off Leash Camp

Dogs will get trips to local parks, the beach, and restaurants for training. In addition to training, dogs come home with an educator collar ( $220 value ), and a coupon for 1/2 off a group class. Begin with 2 private training session. Then the dog will come to camp for 5-7 weeks. Dogs lean at different rates and each in board stay will be customized to fit the dog. So some dogs will be ready to come home sooner that other dogs are. Your dog will spend the 5-7 week boarding phase learning how to respond to commands OFF LEASH. The Boarding is followed by 3 private training sessions to transfer all the training to the owner. This camp is for owners that are serious about having a dog that is truly trained and want to enjoying outside off leash time with their pets. Cost $2500. Click here to sign up online.

Some of the commands include:




•off leash walking

•off leash come command

•bed command in and outside of home

•waiting at doors and gates outside of home

•proper crate and car behavior,

•greeting people without jumping and more!

** Dogs that have dog aggression or people aggression must start with this training program**


Recall Camp

this is a 7-10day camp for owners that have completed private training and have leash savvy dogs.This means that prior to starting training with me the dogs learned that they could run off and not come back when called once the leash came off. Depending on the dogs temperament and how long this was allowed to happen prior to starting training this behavior may or may not be able to be solved in private training. For owners that have gone though all the steps in private training and just have this one behavior left to fixed, I offer this camp. An educator collar and 2 private sessions are included in this package. $750. Click here to sign up online.

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