Training Camp

is available on a very limited basis. I only take in a couple dogs at a time. DOGS LIVE IN MY HOME as one of my dogs, not a stressful kennel with many other dogs. This allows me to be able to work on house manners in addition to behaviors. Daily trips out of the house allows for work on distractions, engagement, and proper social skills. Every day includes several training sessions and playtime with other dogs. Additional mental stimulation includes marrow bone, stuffed kongs, and pickle toys! Owner receive  weekly updates.

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Complete K9 – Off Leash Camp

Your dog will spend 3-4 weeks learning how to respond to commands OFF LEASH. Camp is followed by 2 go home sessions to get all the training transferred to the owner. This camp is for owners that are serious about having a dog that is truly trained and want to enjoying outside off leash time with their pets. Each camp varies but some of the commands we teach are:

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Place Bed
  • Loose leash walking
  • Wait at door ways
  • Come when called even around distractions
  • Leave it

This camp is for dogs over the age of 6 months old that have no behavior issues, and in good heath, and are motivated for food or toys. Email us if you are not sure if this is the right camp for you dog.

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