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Untrained dogs can make life stressful for their owners. The dogs often suffer from over arousal problems, have trust issues, and can become aggressive or even dangerous. As a result they are not able to be part of the family or enjoy the beautiful central coast. 

Through training you will get a dog that is respectful, confident, and well behaved in any situation. We achieve this level of training by using a proven clear communication system, maxiumizing the dogs motivation, meeting their physical exercise and mental stimulation needs.

As a result the dogs are able to live side by side their owners. Enjoying off leash hiking, visits to the beach, and walks around the park. In addition to enjoying a fulfilled life as a pet well trained dogs can go on to play at dog sports like NoseWork, or Rally Obedience.

With group training, private training, and k9 training camp options there is a program for everyone. All group classes are limited to 6 dogs. These are the smallest sized group classes on the central coast! No other group program will give you so much personal attention. Get your spot today.

News and Updates: 4/28/14

The UKC NoseWork Trial is now closed. Contact me if you would like to see if getting in is possible.


We still need volunteers and vehicles for the NoseWork trial. Some people had a hard time signing up to volunteer. To make it easy for everyone please simply send an email with the trial or trials you want to help with or donate your car for.


Volunteering is a great way to learn about his fun sport! Bellow are some of the volunteer jobs we need help with. There will be breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks for everyone that volunteer. Not to mention the best set in the house for watching the searches.

Judges Steward: Is the judges assistant for the day. They will also act as the back up timer.

Timing Steward: Is responsible for the official running time the team.

Gate Steward: Make sure the next competitor is ready and lead them to the start line.

Score Sheet Steward: Take completed score sheet to the score room.

Score Room: Score Room Volunteers are responsible for imputing all information from the score sheets into the computer.